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Here are the latest workshops

Our tricks training sessions are taking on a fresh and interactive twist with our brand-new single workshops! These workshops have been designed to help you be flexible in your busy diaries and not feel pressure when teaching the tricks in your own time🎩🐕

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How will training be delivered?


You will start your journey with the

"Initial Foundations to Trick's"

workshop, a 1.5-hour session designed to give you and your dog extra time to delve into the magic of trick training and to really develop an understanding of what makes your dogs tick.  🎓✨ 


Once you've mastered the basics of this workshop, you'll unlock the gateway to different badge levels, allowing your dogs to showcase their unique talents and abilities.


🗓️ Save the dates!

These engaging workshops for each level will be hosted on the first and third week of every month, giving you time to pawfect the tricks you are learning in between sessions. 📆


The dates for the upcoming workshops will be hosted here on the website and also on our Facebook and Instagram page. 


Interested in learning more? For more details or to enrol in our workshops all you need to do is get in touch! 

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