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How will your adventure begin?

Advancing through the badges is as simple as showcasing your dog's talents in the tricks of that particular tier! We understand that some tricks are more complicated, especially under the spotlight. Feel free to record your dogs performances at home and send them our way via WhatsApp for a pressure free evaluation. 

What badges will you collect?


Master essential commands and lay the foundation for a lifelong bond with your dog, earning the Foundation badge.

Learn Clicker Training

How to Teach Tricks

Reward Strategies

Paw Targeting

Follow the Food

Plus Many More!

Showcase proficiency in basic commands and celebrate your commitment to canine excellence with the Novice badge.


Left and Right Spin

Paws Up

Food Catch

Plus Many More!


Elevate your expertise, demonstrating advanced skills and refining communication with your dog through the Intermediate badge.

Magic Hand

Roll Out the Red Carpet

Go Around an Object

High Five


Plus Many More!


Reach new heights in dog training, mastering complex commands, agility, and specialised skills to earn the Advanced badge.

Walk Back


Cross Your Paws

Jump For My Love

Tell Me Your Secret

Plus Many More!

Attain the pinnacle of canine training mastery with the Expert badge, highlighting your exceptional skills in understanding and communicating with dogs.

Ride a Skateboard

Play Football

Let's Take a Selfie


Leg Hug

Plus Many More!


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