There are many benefits a dog and

owner can have from virtual teaching.

  • Learning new behaviours and concepts in an environment that is seen to be “normal” to your dog.

  • Relaxed environment for the handler (no self-pressure to be as good as fellow students.)

  • Very little to no distractions at all for your dog, which will enable them to have easy wins and plenty of success! 

  • Many different days and times of classes suited to your needs.

  • No need to travel to and from class (especially helpful with dogs that get motion sickness). 

  • Opportunity to still observe others training their dogs. 

  • Feedback and teaching during the class from the trainer who will be observing everyone. 






With Virtual teaching you will receive the same content that you would in an in-person class. The only difference being it will be taught online (via zoom which is very easy to use all you need is a meeting ID and password which is given to you via the trainer prior to the class) but with the benefit to be able to train from your OWN living room! 

There will be a BRAND-NEW timetable that will have a range of classes to suit all needs and to allow all dogs and owners to try something new if they would like to! 

Here is a small sneak peek into SOME of the classes we will have to offer: 
Purple and Pink Illustrative and Colorfu
Purple and Pink Illustrative and Colorfu
Purple and Pink Illustrative and Colorfu
Purple and Pink Illustrative and Colorfu
On the fence about virtual teaching? Don’t worry every student gets one FREE spectators’ ticket to a class of their choice so that they can see exactly how things work and the real benefits in action! Click the button below to contact us about virtual training!