Why is virtual training better for your dog?

As many of you know when training a new behaviour or teaching a new concept there are many layers to be taught to achieve the result we want. 

Many of you also know that when teaching a behaviour or concept to start with, we always teach in an environment where our dog feels comfortable and relaxed. Be it in your lounge, kitchen, or garden. 

Once the dog understands what we are expecting of them we can then take this new behaviour or concept into real life environments. BUT as many of you know this can be a massive step up and one that many dogs are not ready for and will not be for quite a long time which is fine!

REMEMBER dog training is about training the dog in front of you this is your journey and no one else’s!

Teaching in person is always a great experience and does have its benefits, HOWEVER it is not for every dog. There are some dog’s out there that find a class environment far to challenging and stressful, making some owners shy away from the possibility of ever being able to train their dog into the superstar they know is hidden within them. 

Wouldn’t it be great especially with the current COVID situation if we could come up with a solution that would benefit EVERYBODY? ….